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My weekend in San Frans–what the heck was that?

There’s no way to accurately describe the way I see the world. I could spend hour after hour coming up with my first blog in an attempt to give you, the reader, a glimpse of what’s to come. That would be a waste of both our time. The easiest way to see life through my nerd-colored glasses is to put them on! Let’s begin.

Imagine this: you’re sitting in a BART car (Bay Area Rapid Transit, for those of you unfamiliar with the term), calmly waiting for your stop to come up. Two stops later, a group of strangely dressed people sits just to your right. The colorful sight includes a furry stole, some blue checkered pants, and what could only be described as go-go boots. Being near San Francisco, you probably wouldn’t think it’s all that strange. However, the only man in the group is wearing a white blazer with what appears to be blood splatter on it. Do you ask what in the world they’re doing dressed like that? Or do you just let it go, and chalk one up to “the crazy city of San Francisco”?

Such was my decision. After about 90 seconds, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to ask what they were up to. Surprise! As a reward for my curiosity, I found out about something really awesome! Apparently they were headed to something called a decentralized dance party, where DJs broadcast their mix on a shortwave FM frequency at a pre-specified location, communicated via Facebook or Twitter. This approach allows anyone with a boom box in hand to show up at the party spot and dance the night away, no buildings required.

This particular party was taking place in Union Square and had a “strictly business” theme. It still didn’t explain the blood splatter, but I was so excited about the prospect of an impromptu party it completely slipped my mind.

Intrigued by the idea of decentralized dance parties? Check it out here www.decentralizeddanceparty.com .

I don’t think anyone would ever call my life boring. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to experience my not-so-boring life through my posts. You can take the glasses off now. They might hurt your eyes if you leave them on too long.


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