Sorry! Guess Who Can’t Stop

No, I’m not apologizing for some addiction. I’m talking about board games! Games from your childhood, games that you still play, games you wish you could find.

My friends and I thoroughly enjoy a good board game. Unfortunately, decent board games seem to be hard to come by these days. When I was a kid, I played the classics: Monopoly, Life, Sorry!, chess, backgammon, checkers, Connect Four, Guess Who. You know what I’m talking about. These days, Monopoly comes with credit cards and comes in a thrilling Sponge Bob edition…really?

Recently, though, I’ve been having a hard time finding game shops. Perhaps its the über-suburban area I live in, but Toys”R”Us just doesn’t cut it for board games anymore. The last time I found a fun game, it was in a store that specifically sold board games, imagine that. Sadly it has gone out of business, but I’m always on the lookout for innovative games with staying power.

Here are my top 5 favorite board games:

#5 Battleship – It’s a classic. I must admit I prefer the cheesy sounds of the electronic version, though.


#4 Can’t Stop – For those of you who have never played this game, I highly recommend it to would-be gamblers. If you can win this game, you deserve to go to Vegas. It’s a great lesson in knowing how to stop when you’re ahead.

Roll again? Or quit while you still can?

#3 Mad Gab – Maybe it’s just because I’m a word person, but this game is so much fun!

Awe Wean Heed Issue…yeah, you just said it! Said what?!

#2 Curses – This is a great party game. If you have friends who don’t mind making idiots out of the themselves, you must try this! In one round, you could watch your friend try to pick up a card while his wrists are attached to his head, he has to sneeze every time he talks, and every time someone claps, he has to shout the name of a lunch meat. Yeah. It’s awesome.

(applause) “Turkey!” “Mmm, that sounds delicious” “Bock bock” “Achooo!”

#1 Solar Quest – What game is this, you ask? It’s a Monopoly-esque game of property and power from 1987, but it takes place in space. Space makes everything cooler. What makes this game so much more fun that Monopoly is the fact that you can get stuck in an “orbit” around a planet. This can be very inconvenient if one of your opponents owns the moons in that orbit. So you begin bartering gas for your spaceship and rent on various moons. It’s very cutthroat. Oh and whoever owns Venus is usually the most hated person in the game. Rent is like $1400. Sheesh.

If you have an extra gas station, I’ll totally let you have free rent on Titan.

What are YOUR favorite board games? And where did you find them? I’d really like to know!

**Update** I almost forgot to include a vocabulary word for this post!

Exuberant: 1. extreme or excessive in degree, size, or extent
                  2. joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic

I feel most exuberant when you are about to land on one of the many moons I own, and must now pay me lots of money (see Solar Quest, above).


12 comments on “Sorry! Guess Who Can’t Stop

  1. There was a game called Talisman out there when I was little. My uncle played it with us when we were kids. I went on a quest to look for a copy a few years ago, but it was long since discontinued. They eventually came out with a updated edition, but I heard it wasn’t so great. The original edition was selling for about 100 bucks on ebay at the time. Needless to say, I didn’t get one.

    • $100? That’s insane! That must have been an awesome game. What’s the premise?

      • It was a quest like RPG type game. You become a character with certain attributes (life/magic skill) and try to get to the center of the board. You have to accumulate skills and spells and gold etc before you can move inward to the inner levels of the board. It takes forever to play, and there are even expansion packs that add extra game boards to make it last longer and add in more fun. It is an awesome game. I looked it up and they are selling a 4th edition now. It is still like 40-50 bucks new. Here is a site I found that people are playing with ALL the expansion packs at once. wow. http://www.randomdice.com/games/talisman/mega/ There is a picture at the bottom.

  2. My top three games are:
    1) Smart Ass – its a trivia game with a picture of a donkey’s butt on the front of it…awesome. One person reads a clue, the person to their right gives a guess, if they get it right, they get to keep the card. If they don’t get it right, the next clue is read and the next person gets a chance to guess. The clues get easier as they descend so its pretty funny watching someone try to guess when the only clue they have is “Its a country.”
    2) Apples to Apples – you have to have a good group with a sense of humor.
    3) Scattergories – I know this one isn’t anything new or exciting, but I can’t help but love a game that makes me come up with creative yet real words.

    • I think we played that before when you and Ben were down here! I vaguely remember the disappointment of my clue being “she’s an actress.” Ha =)

  3. I wonder if their is any plan afoot to create a Firefly edition of SolarQuest…? There are lots of plot points that could work well with the concept of the game.

    Nice blog Kimmie, I’ll add you to my RSS reader so I make sure and catch your stuff!

    • Hey Mike! I highly doubt it. Almost no one I’ve talked to has ever heard of Solar Quest. I think it must be one of those one-off games that we just happen to own. I did a quick search and it looks like there aren’t any Firefly-themed board games. You should invent one and make millions! 😉

  4. Monopoly with credit cards makes me want to strangle Uncle Pennybags.

    A friend and I were in a coffee shop once, and this group of high-schoolers asked if we wanted to play a game called Quelf. It’s a pretty weird game, and super awkward to play with strangers, but that kind of made it more fun. Curses sounds very similar to it, from your description.

  5. Hi Kim, I saw your comment on a Freshly Pressed blog and decided to visit. The only board game I really hate is Monopoly and the one I really like isn’t really a board game. Scattergories is my favorite.

  6. […] like board games. I’ve talked about it once before, but I recently experienced something worth […]

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