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Getting to Baltimore & Sightseeing Day 1

Welcome to my first official Baltimore Sweet Adeline Convention blog post!

7:45am – Arrive in Baltimore

I traveled most of the night from southern California to get here and was less than successful trying to sleep on the plane. I’m so excited though! I took an obligatory picture of the convention sign at the airport, because reasons.


My shuttle driver talks exactly like Biz Markie. So much so that I’m hard pressed to understand what he’s saying. Although he seemed excited that there’s a singing competition going on in his city.

It is at this point, however my well thought out plan ends. I used AirBNB to find a place to stay for the first night of my journey, and it’s not like it’s ahotel where I can leave my bags until check in time. It’s a private residence where I’m renting a spare room. I am meeting my hosts for the day at 11:00am, but that leave me a couple of hours to kill. I check my bags at my future hotel hoping they won’t notice I’m not actually a guest. Then I wander around Baltimore by myself looking for breakfast, which I find at Panera. During breakfast I realize I have forgotten to pack socks. Thankfully I can stop at Marshalls on my way back to my future-hotel.

It is at this point I question the merit of wandering Baltimore by myself, even during the daytime, because I witness a woman being harassed by a man in a car. He has actually slowed down and pulled over to the curb to try and talk to her through his window while she walks down the sidewalk. Ok, walk a little faster…

I un-check my baggage from my future-hotel and walk about half a mile to a very quaint apartment and meet my hosts for the day. This is going to work out great! They are dressed in PJ’s, enjoying a cloudy day breakfast, and I find out they’re nerds. We always find each other, I suppose. So I finish some homework while one of the hosts plays Destiny on XBOX. We briefly discuss that LoveSac makes couches now, and I come up with a plan for the remainder of my day. Time to go sightseeing!

First I visited the Chesapeake, a lightship in the Chesapeake Bay that served as a guide for ships coming into the harbor. I got a chance to see how the ship’s crew lived and worked. The harbor is a beautiful place.




Next I went the Top of the World. The 27th floor of the Baltimore World Trade Center has been turned into a viewpoint of the city, complete with a memorial for the Maryland residents who were killed on 9/11.

20141101_152101 20141101_152057

Then I discovered a place called It’s Sugar. A sweets shop on steroids! They even have something called a gummy bear keg. I’m surprised I made it out of that store without buying it. I did buy more candy than I needed, but hey, it’s a vacation, right?

Finally, I wrapped up my day at Pratt St. Alehouse right across the street from the convention center. I had a delicious burger that was topped with crabmeat. Sooo good! The atmosphere was only marred by the fact that Frozen on Ice is in town tonight and the room I was seated in contained 18 little girls under age 7 and only 8 adults (yes, I counted). That was a little much, but also amusing.

Tomorrow I meet up with some chorus friends and take a tour of the city. The best is yet to come, rehearsals start on Tuesday!

This is just something amusing from a gift shop. Enjoy!


One comment on “Getting to Baltimore & Sightseeing Day 1

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