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Baltimore Sightseeing Day 2

Sorry I’m a bit behind in blogging, the days are already filling up so quickly! Here’s what happened on Sunday:

More Sweet Adelines are arriving by the minute! I ran into several chorus-mates in the lobby and spotted several Sweet Adelines out and about in the city. My first order of business was of course food. One of my chorus friends rented a car for the day so we decided to find a local place with a mimosa brunch. We decided on Langermann’s based on some casual Yelping. The building itself is apparently an old cannery, which was such a neat atmosphere.


Our two-person brunch turned into three before we left with the addition of my chorus friend’s mother. Then we ran into two other friends in the lobby on the way to the car. Now it’s a party! So the five of us drove over to the restaurant, immensely enjoying the view of historic buildings and quaint shops along the way.

We arrive about 10 minutes after the restaurant opens, and approximately 7 other people are inside. Upon requesting a table, the hostess asks “Do you have a reservation?” We don’t, which then gets a stern “Hmmm.” from the hostess. Apparently this is the place to be, and even though no one is here it will be busy soon. After some puppy-dog eyes and promising to eat quickly, we are granted a table.

The brunch special is a choice of several delicious-sounding entrees that come with a side dish buffet and a drink, either bloody mary or mimosa. I headed over to the side dish buffet to find bacon, sausage, country potatoes, fruit, sweet bread, and grits.


There is no picture of the grits because there just wasn’t time between delicious forkfuls to pause and document their splendor. Seriously. I could have ordered a bowl of those grits and been perfectly happy. I barely remember my entrée they were that good.

After coming back, I managed to play musical hotels with my luggage since this is my first night in the official chorus-assigned hotel. Then I hopped on a tour bus for a 3-hour tour (hee hee) of Charm City. Since this is a tour arranged specifically for Sweet Adelines, I got to meet members of choruses from Washington

What struck me most was the history of the city. Coming from California, it frequently seems as though we just don’t have much history. Here, the buildings are restored and cared for to their original condition. Plus, I’ve never seen so much brick in my life!


We drove through the Johns Hopkins campus, saw multiple beautiful churches with high steeples and delicate arches, and even visited the grave of Edgar Allan Poe. My roommate will especially appreciate this because we’ve been watching The Following, and now everything Poe-related is even creepier than it was before, if that’s possible.



Later in the evening, I met up with one of my chorus friends who had just arrived. We wanted to go to someplace nice for dinner, so we chose a steakhouse right next door to the hotel.

Everything on the menu sounded good, but we decided on the prix fixe menu, because it had a little of everything we wanted: appetizer, soup, entrée. I got the shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque, and filet mignon. My friend got calamari, butternut squash soup, and filet mignon. We ordered some pre-dinner cocktails and relaxed. This was starting out to be a great dinner.

Then the appetizers came…about three bites into her calamari, my friend happened upon something crunchy. She thought to herself that calamari don’t have shells, and pulled the crunchy thing out of her mouth. To both of our shocked surprise, we saw in her hand something that looked an awful lot like glass. She looked at me with wide eyes and we both immediately tried to get the attention of the waiter. After some investigation, both the manager and my friend came to the conclusion that it was a piece of acrylic. Not that it’s any less disturbing, but it’s certainly less dangerous to have eaten. The manager profusely apologized, and I think we scared the waiter half to death. They also comped her meal, thank goodness.

The rest of the evening was not nearly as eventful, but my friend was uninjured and the food was good aside from the brief scare. Hopefully that’s the only food issue we have this week…

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