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Epilogue: Barbershop Hangover, Getting Home, and Great Memories

(11/9) I can feel the hangover coming…no, not the alcohol hangover. The barbershop hangover. This is when your body finally starts to manifest signs that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. My voice is raw, I’m exhausted, I’ve scrubbed my face raw but my makeup is still leaving marks on the pillow, and I’m still finding sequins in strange places.

Some of the chorus members are extending their vacation to go to Washington D.C. or New York. I did my sightseeing before the competition, so I’m looking forward to going home. Also, I have homework due today. Guess what I’ll be doing on the plane!

But first, breakfast! One of my hotel roomies got up at like oh-dark-thirty to rent a car, drop some people off at the airport and tour around D.C. That was just not happening for me. I would rather sleep. So my other roomie and I went to breakfast in the hotel.

I flew into Baltimore, but my return flight is out of Reagan airport in D.C. and apparently taking Super Shuttle from my hotel is $140!! Uh, nope. Thankfully the concierge recommended I do a cab + train + cab adventure for like $30. I took a cab to Penn station, ran into some New Jersey Sweet Adelines taking the train home. Then I got on the train to D.C., where I ran into another Harborlite, a couple of members of Pride of Portland, and a couple members of Forth Valley Chorus from Scotland. Sweet Ads everywhere!!

Then I took a cab to the airport and hopped on a quick flight to Boston to catch my connection to Long Beach, CA. As the boarding started in Boston, I look over and see one of my chorus mates! She took a different flight to get here, but we’re both on the Long Beach flight…in the same row, no less!

Thus began a 6-hour flight. Since I tried to sleep on the way here, I didn’t remember it being so long. But dang, that was a loooong flight. I chatted with the woman next to me for quite a while, because I’m me. It’s not my fault, she asked why I had traveled to Baltimore. So I HAD to explain about Sweet Adelines and barbershop and quartets, and then show her pictures…you know, the works.

After a while I started doing my homework. Thank goodness for in-flight wi-fi. My neighbor watched a movie that was apparently too intense for her. Halfway through the movie she starts reacting audibly:

“Oh my!”


“Oh no!!”



I was trying so hard not to laugh. Maybe she couldn’t tell how loud it was the her headphones on, but one of the people in front of us actually turned around to make sure she wasn’t actually in distress.

Then my laptop decided to freeze on me. Something about the altitude, I think, because it’s only ever done this one other time, and that was when I was traveling also. So I took a break from homework and watch Guardians of the Galaxy on the plane. I had already seen it in theaters, but it’s awesome, so why not? I even convinced my neighbor to watch it with me too.

I mean, who DOESN'T love this movie?

I mean, who DOESN’T love this movie?

So we’ve watched two movies back-to-back, chatted for at least 40 minutes about barbershop, and we’re STILL not home yet. It’s a long flight.

But eventually we landed in Long Beach. My mom and uncle picked me up from the airport and I got home around 10:30pm. The bad news is that I didn’t take Monday off, so I basically just dump my suitcases in my room and go to sleep.

Monday night, though, I slept SO hard. Like 10+ hours. It was glorious. And unlike many of my chorus mates, I didn’t get sick. Whatever it was that was going around sounded pretty awful. At least a week of flu-like symptoms. They started calling it Harbola. Ha!

Now that I’m all recovered from my trip, blogging about it has been a great way to relive all these fantastic memories. I hope you enjoyed following along. I’m still finding sequins in really weird places, but c’est la vie when you’re a Sweet Adeline.

Nerd, out.

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