A Tale of Two Weddings

I’m very excited to share with you the experiences of attending two weddings this summer. These weddings are both unlike any other weddings I’ve been invited to, in very different ways. Up until this point, the weddings I’ve attended have been pretty traditional. You know, a sunday afternoon bridal shower with silly games, an outdoor or church wedding with a moderate number of people, a DJ playing YMCA or occasionally The Wobble (I’m looking at you, Felicia).

Not these weddings. The first wedding invitation I received was a tri-fold of thick cardstock hand-tied with a satin bow. The text is so swirly it is almost unreadable. The invitation even includes a pocket, which houses the small RSVP card and its corresponding stamped return envelope. It’s really quite beautiful, and I can’t imagine even thinking up something this classy.


The instructions are that black tie is preferred (read: we’ll judge you if you don’t wear a tux/gown). I also have it on good authority that the women’s attire is specifically floor-length gowns. We’ll get to that in another post. This is definitely not the crowd I normally run with.

The invitation for wedding #2 is modeled after a Nintendo 3DS game booklet. Yep.

I’ll just wait for that to sink in…


The title of the wedding is Sonic & Link, Zelda’s Lament. So many things going on here. Obviously the grooms are fans of video games, because this is very elaborate. Also, two grooms. This is the first same-sex wedding I’ve been invited to, so I’m pretty excited about it. Although it does make for interesting dialogue: “I’m with the groom’s side….no the other groom.”

The instructions on this invitation are “please wear purple or video game attire.” Ok, that requires clarification, because if you mean full costume, expect me to show up in a Super Mario Bros. mushroom outfit. So if that’s not what you’re looking for, I need to know. Thankfully, I was able to get an answer to that question. No cosplay expected. This is more like video game bounding. If you’re not sure what bounding is, click here for an explanation (it’s about Disney bounding, but the concept applies here).

I’m looking forward to some crazy stories and interesting experiences. Keep an eye out for subsequent blog entries. I’ll be sure to bring you along as much as possible.


2 comments on “A Tale of Two Weddings

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