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A Tale of Two Weddings: Dressing for the Occasion

Wedding #1 is quickly approaching, and I nearly have my outfit complete. As I mentioned in the first post, this wedding is black tie preferred, with the preference being floor length gowns for women. Initially I was stressed out about this, but the bride actually turned me on to a site call www.renttherunway.com. You can have a dress shipped to you, in more than one size, and then you ship it back after the event.

This is a fantastic idea, because I doubt I’ll have another reason to wear a formal gown like that again. I spent some time researching the type of dress I want to wear and finally decided on this one:


Now for the accessories. I’m actually thinking of wearing the shoes that my quartet wears for competition. They’re sparkly, and not too uncomfortable. So why not?


I’m still trying to find the right earrings and clutch. So the last minute search is on. Target, here I come!

Wedding #2 requires more thought. Could I cop out and wear purple? Sure. Am I going to? No. I am more creative than that! I need to figure out how I am going to incorporate video games into my outfit. I could just wear video game related items like many of the wardrobe options from ThinkGeek. On the other hand, I could try for a particular video game character. My knowledge of video games these days is pretty limited. I was a Nintendo girl growing up, so I didn’t play some of the more popular games with recognizable characters…unless we’re talking MarioKart or Donkey Kong. One of the ideas I’ve been considering is Lara Croft. Her outfit is simple: shorts, tank top, combat boots, some sort of satchel.


I think I would leave off the gun holsters. However, this would involve buying an entire outfit. I haven’t owned boots like that since 1999, when I briefly owned a pair of Dr. Martens. They were wonderful, they were comfortable….they got stolen. Joke’s on you, pal! I have two different sized feet, so it’s not like you could ever wear them. Ok, I’m over it, I swear.

So I’m still mulling over my options for wedding #2. I keep you posted when I figure it out.

Stay tuned for pictures from the upcoming black tie event. It’s this weekend!

One comment on “A Tale of Two Weddings: Dressing for the Occasion

  1. […] wedding invitation had specified “purple or video game attire,” I decided to go with a Lara Croft-esque outfit. Unfortunately, I was the only one. Most people chose the purple option, or wore a t-shirt with a […]

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