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A Tale of Two Weddings: Wedding #2

Marriage – Level Up!

This weekend, I attended possibly the most adorable wedding I’ve ever been to (go here to see the invitation). Now, I’m going to be honest, when you hear about theme weddings, you wonder if it’s going to be awkward or silly.

Remember that scene from 27 Dresses, where James Marsden loudly exclaims “People do not have Gone with the Wind weddings” and Katherine Heigl responds “I have been to two”? That’s sort of what I was hoping would not happen here.

Thank goodness for the wedding planner, and sister of one of the grooms, she pulled this off spectacularly!

The wedding was held at bar called Original Mike’s in Santa Ana. The ceremony was outside and the reception would take place inside in a semi-private room.


As guests arrived, it was like a reunion of sorts for me. Many of these people went to my high school or I had known through the friendship of the groom who invited me. It was heartwarming to see all of these people I either keep in contact via Facebook or haven’t seen at all.

Since the wedding invitation had specified “purple or video game attire,” I decided to go with a Lara Croft-esque outfit. Unfortunately, I was the only one. Most people chose the purple option, or wore a t-shirt with a video game on it. Sadly, no pictures of said outfit survived except this pre-wedding selfie.


Also in the invitation, the wedding party was listed as different video game characters. I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out. Were they going to be in costume?

It turned out to be very tastefully done. The groomsmen and maids of honor were dressed in traditional formal wear, except they were all wearing chucks. Each of their assigned characters was painted on the side of their chucks. Each groomsman and maid of honor also had a little medallion with a hand drawn illustration of their character either on a button or hanging in front of their bouquet.




Most of the wedding party walked down the aisle to lovely march of the Legend of Zelda theme song. When the mothers of the grooms and the grooms themselves walked down the aisle, the song changed to a rock song…based on my knowledge of my groom, I’m assuming AFI, although I didn’t quite recognize it.

My favorite quotes from the ceremony:

“Marriage is having someone to stick with you through life’s up ups, down downs, and left-right left-rights.” So nerdy, so appropriate, so adorable.

There was also a reading of two different texts

Scientific Romance Redux,

Selections from A Collection of Daily Odd Compliments

The grooms each wrote their own vows including gems like “I’ll even carry an extra 1up if you fall.”

The official exchanging of rings was “knowing that it is dangerous to go alone, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Why this made me teary-eyed, when other people’s wedding vows have not, I have no idea.

We made our way to the reception area, where guest tables were assigned a video game name, and featured a hand drawn picture.

20150808_15474920150808_164755The reception provided ample time for me to catch up with old friends. Highlight: When your friend who is now a news anchor tells you he reads all your blogs (Hi Peter!).


During the reception, several members of the wedding party gave funny and heartfelt speeches.

After dinner, there was a star toss (think Super Mario Bros.)in lieu of a bouquet toss, and a cute little candy bar for some take-home treats.

When the music selection began, it was like a trip back in time.

Alice Deejay’s Better Off Alone

The Vengaboys’ The Vengabus is Coming

Fatboy Slim’s Funk Soul Brother (and yes, some of us did the dance)

During the dancing festivities, a woman outside the bar could not control herself. She apparently HAD to dance to the music coming from the reception. I’m not sure if she could see us, or if the windows were tinted, but boy was she entertaining. After half of a song, we were howling with laughter. Check out the face of the man who was stopped at the nearby light.

dancing woman collage


And finally, the cake cutting ceremony with cute little matching cupcakes. They were delicious!



At every wedding, there’s joy and happiness for the couple, but it was fun to feel like you were part of the fun instead of a spectator. This will be one of my favorite memories for a long time to come.


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