Lessons from Grad School, Buzzfeed Style

Lessons from Grad School, Buzzfeed Style

I will FINALLY be graduating from school on December 21st from Purdue University with an M.S. in Education with a concentration in Learning Design and Technology (what a mouthful!). Go Boilermakers! Now that this incredibly stressful time is over, I thought I would share some of my experiences so that future grad students can get a peek into their […]

See nerd. See nerd go back to school.

What seems like a few short months ago, I decided to take the big leap and apply for grad school. I bought books on writing application essays and books about how to pay for school. Wrote a few checks for application fees and waited. Lo and behold, I got in! Surprisingly, there were very few […]

Toilet Terms

In college, I joined a sorority. (I know I lose nerd points for this, but it’s necessary to explain the blog title.) Shortly after becoming a member, I took on the nerdiest job you can have: Vice President of Academic Development. This basically meant I was in charge of making sure the other girls didn’t flunk […]

A Visit to the Wowbrary