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Lessons from Grad School, Buzzfeed Style

Lessons from Grad School, Buzzfeed Style

I will FINALLY be graduating from school on December 21st from Purdue University with an M.S. in Education with a concentration in Learning Design and Technology (what a mouthful!). Go Boilermakers! Now that this incredibly stressful time is over, I thought I would share some of my experiences so that future grad students can get a peek into their […]

A Word to the Not-So-Wise

I realize that this post is going to make me sound like a cranky old lady. I’ve come to terms with that. It’s time to bring back the concept of common courtesy. Recently, it has come to my attention that teens and younger may not be learning courtesy from their parents. While there are plenty […]

Intentional Mismates

My feet are two different sizes…by a size and a half. The why isn’t important here. I’d have to tell you a much longer story involving some Puerto Ricans, several surgeries, and a twelve-year-old singing “we’re off to see the wizard.” Let’s save that for another day.

Click or Walk In?

Discussions about Amazon’s tax policy and the possible fall of Best Buy have been running rampant lately. In several cases, the discussions led to the topic of whether brick and mortar stores are going away in favor of online retailers. This fascinates me for two reasons: 1. I am a techie who loves shopping (or at least […]


Through a happy Netflix accident, I recently stumbled on a series called TEDTalks. Throughout the year scientists, philosophers, comedians, inventors, and more meet up at conferences in the US and other countries to share unique and inspiring ideas. The lectures range in length from 4 minutes to 20-ish minutes, and are surprisingly digestible. Directly from […]