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A Tale of Two Weddings: Wedding #1

A Tale of Two Weddings: Wedding #1

Well it finally arrived, and it certainly did not disappoint. Wedding #1 was Saturday 6/27, and I shall attempt to walk you through the evening. My dress arrived on schedule. I was relieved that I chose one size down as my backup option, because that was what I ended up wearing (pictures to follow). I decided […]

You’ve Just Won A Braaaand New Experience!

You’ve Just Won A Braaaand New Experience!

Have a seat, I’m going to tell you a story about auditioning for a game show. SPOILER ALERT: It’s awesome! Back in March, the bass in my barbershop quartet (yep, that’s a thing, read all about it here or here), invited me to audition for a game show called Celebrity Name Game. I had never heard of […]

Epilogue: Barbershop Hangover, Getting Home, and Great Memories

(11/9) I can feel the hangover coming…no, not the alcohol hangover. The barbershop hangover. This is when your body finally starts to manifest signs that you’ve been pushing yourself too hard. My voice is raw, I’m exhausted, I’ve scrubbed my face raw but my makeup is still leaving marks on the pillow, and I’m still […]

Competition Day 4, Part 2 – The After Party

Don’t forget to read part 1 of the chorus finals day! Since we were contestant #9 out of 10, we all go straight to our seats to watch Melodeers perform and then wait for the results. This is also the time when Sweet Adelines International provides a preview of next year’s convention, which will be […]

Competition Day 4, Part 1 – Chorus Finals: Revenge of the Pants

Here we go! It’s the day of the chorus finals (11/8) and there are gold medals up for grabs. The stage is pretty dead, so it was hard for us to tell how we did in the semifinals. For those choruses who make the top 10, scores are not provided until after the finals. The […]

Competition Day 3 – Rehearsal, Queens, and Ringmasters…Oh My!

This is an exciting day (11/7)! Tonight we will see a quartet crowned (literally) as the 2015 Queens of Harmony. We only have one rehearsal today from 12pm-3pm, so we should be able to see some of the contest. What a glorious feeling to be able to sleep in without an alarm. My roommates and […]

Competition Day 2 – Harborlites Takes the Stage + The Pants Incident(s)

(11/6) Why is it still dark outside? Oh yeah, it’s 4:15am and me and my two roommates are trying to get ready and be functional. Ugh. I am SO not a morning person. This morning, to set a tone of unity, we were asked to wear black pants and our blue shirt that says “It’s […]